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Celebrating Release Day

On May 5 my first ever symphonic metal single The Light has been released!

In the middle of the night I woke up with an excitement that prevented me to sleep ;) So, I opened Spotify instead and saw my single in my Release Radar. It's such a special feeling to see your own artwork on a streaming service :)

In the early morning I posted on my socials, and in a channel at work. And during the day I received several comments, which made me feel very special. It's like celebrating your birthday but ten times better. You must know that I don't have an active social live, and I've never received this many messages. So it made me feel f*cking amazing!

Because I felt so excited, proud and happy, I bought myself a cake (see picture). I don't even like whipped cream, but the cake was the cherry on top of a great day :D I even enjoyed the cream ;)

At the end of the day I felt extremely tired and overwhelmed, but at the same time utterly happy. The day after I just took a moment to let all the comments on my single sink in. And now - two days later - I am happy to share a few with you all.

Wow Ruth, so beautiful 😍😍 I've been listening with goosebumps. And you sing beautifully. Such a nice build up of the song. It reminds me of Evanescense
Nice chorus too, with a bit of pace in it 👍🏻 And the lyrics of the entire song are also very beautiful and deep.
Wow, Ruth. So much power! Perfectly sung, what a range. Beautiful, dramatic text.

You might understand how happy I am with these comments. For me, it's been a huge step to actually release a song, and to receive such great comments means the world to me. It gives me the confidence boost to continue working on my EP the way I am, and to release an additional single (or two) before I actually release the EP itself (which has been planned for January 2024).

If you haven't given The Light a listen, please do! Let me know what you think, even if you don't like it ;)

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