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Vocal Academy Kicked-Off!

Last weekend I started a six-month training course to become a vocal coach. It may sound strange, because I already am a vocal coach... but I am now being trained by Vocal Center.

After years of singing lessons and vocal coaching with various teachers, I have concluded that Vocal Center's approach matches my image of a good vocal coaching session most closely. And even if I don't become a Vocal Center Coach, being taught by Vocal Center's top coaches means a lot for my development as a vocal coach. I will soon be able to support my vocalists even better and that's great!

The training consists of six monthly blocks in which theory alternates with practical exercises. For example, we do role plays, teach each other and coach so-called test singers. And... all aspects of the beautiful voice profession are discussed: anatomy, didactics, voice problems, structure, etc.

Last week I completely immersed myself in motivation theories and learning styles, and next week the focus will be on writing my personal development plan. I can't wait to get started working on myself as a person as well as on gaining all kinds of new knowledge and on applying it when I coach my vocalists.

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