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Lazy Sunday was a huge success!

Every last Sunday of the month VLOW (a local initiative to promote culture and art creation) organizes the so called Lazy Sunday, where local singer songwriters grab the stage for a 30 minute set. In the past couple of years I have seen a lot of singer(songwriter)s grow on that stage. I love their growth and progress.

And, I have been thinking about performing on Lazy Sunday for quite some time, but never had the courage to ask... (Hello, inner critic...) Until last month... So, I got a spot, and although it was an extremely hot day, and there weren't that many people listening, I loved to share a couple of my own songs and some covers with the crowd. It was the first performance where I felt that adrenaline kick in.

So, I have decided I want more of this. I've also decided that I quit performing in talent shows. Because of my loud inner critic, and because my own judgement is more than enough for me. Luckily, I found a lot of opportunities to perform, so check my calender if you're in for a set with a lot of dramatic lyrics, beautiful melodies, and lovely instrumentation.

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