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EP: Astra Obscura - Tracklist!

It's only been two weeks since the release of The Light, but I am already working on the next chapter of my EP. After sharing the title of my EP (Astra Obscura), I finally decided on the complete tracklist. It's been a struggle though.

During the past couple of years I wrote many songs, and choosing isn't my expertise ;) So, I focused on the story I wanted to share, and chose the songs that serve that story best.

In the first quarter of 2024, I'll release a five track EP, which will feature The Light as opening song. But for now, I'll share the song titles with your all :)

In the meantime, I just want to share the story behind Astra Obscura. Most people know I love to write about mental health. I've struggled in life, and I am not the only one... More than 20% of every human being suffers from mental healt issues during their lives. That's 1 person for every 5!!! And although I know how bad you can feel, and how dark a situation can look, I also know you can overcome this. You can find back your inner light.

I strongly believe we are all strong, and we all are beacons of light. I believe that even if we are in a dark place in life, others can see that light in us, and help us finding back our own light. So, that made me think of the stars in the night sky. And that's when I came up with the idea of Astra Obscura, which litterally means 'Dark Stars'. So, #findyourinnerlight!

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