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Vocal Coaching Season almost over...

Summer is almost there, meaning the vocal coaching season is almost over. That doesn't mean you can't book a vocal coaching session with me though. It does mean that most coaches take a well deserved break and go on an even more deserved holiday :D

And, that does mean that - if you want to sing with a coach during the summer - you are more than welcome to book your session with me. Because I don't do summer breaks ;) I do offer vocal and songwriting coaching during the summer period though. And besides that, you are more than welcome for a feedback session or for demo recording.

And for those of you who are committed to book multiple sessions at once... I run a nice summer promo. Book five coaching sessions in June, July or August and receive a 10% discount!

N.B. For every extra coaching session you book, you receive an extra 1% discount, up to 20% in total!

Oh and, no strings attached. You are free to book (a) session(s) after the summer break, become a regular student, or never return to Ruth Bootsma Music ;) It's up to you to decide how to grow as a vocalist or songwriter, either if that's with me, with someone else or on your own. Just find what feels good to you, and everything else will follow :D

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